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Joshua Zaporzan
Joshua Zaporzan
Managing Director

Joshua Zaporzan is a skilled strategist, marketer, entrepreneur, and start-up enthusiast with a passion for building businesses, implementing change, and challenging the status quo. Joshua has years of experience defining new business strategies, launching new ventures, investing in new companies, working with other business owners, and delivering high operational impact as both a Founder, Owner, CEO, Coach, and Management Advisor.

As a passionate, creative, and resilient entrepreneur, Joshua has built, invested in, and led several successful new ventures across multiple industries. In 2015, Joshua joined the team at Longball Athletics, a Canadian golf & lifestyle apparel company with distribution throughout North America. Shortly thereafter, Joshua bought out the original founders of the company and began working as the Owner & CEO, growing and expanding the company’s reach. In the spring of 2020, Longball was acquired and Joshua successfully exited the company.

Following his exit of Longball, Joshua Founded H2MB Inc., a company in the clean technology and renewable energy industry that is working towards building Manitoba’s first green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution facility. H2MB’s vision is to be the leading producer of low-cost green hydrogen for distribution throughout North America and the global export market as the world works towards a zero emissions future, fuelled by renewable energy. As the CEO of H2MB, Joshua is working with companies in multiple sectors to help decarbonize industries and develop opportunities to reach net-zero goals.

In addition to his role as the CEO of H2MB, Joshua and his team at Audax Ventures works with, and invests in, technology start-up's across a variety of industries helping them to launch, grow and exit their business. Audax provides access to resources, coaching, investment & financing, software development and other professional resources through their own portfolio of companies and established partnerships. This work also includes coaching entrepreneurs to build business plans, pitch decks, new marketing strategies, industry analysis, operational efficiencies, financial modelling and strategic growth.

Most recently, Joshua collaborated with Asteria Global to support and advise start-up entrepreneurs in the technology space abroad. The partnership of the two organizations has extended into the development and launch of Triact Digital Inc. Triact is a software development company that is building the NextGen of technology, empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders through continued innovation, thoughtful technology transformations and digital experiences.

Joshua is the Chair of the Young Associates and is a speaker to various groups of community leaders, university, and MBA students. Joshua has participated as a judge in various business plan and pitch competitions across Canada and is always looking for new opportunities to share his learned experiences with entrepreneurs.

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