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  • Joshua Zaporzan

Secret to Success is Having a Strategy, So Get One!

As the first month of 2018 comes to a close, it is time to seriously reflect on and finalize your marketing strategies for 2018 (if you haven’t already done so…). It is crucial to look back on your 2017 strategy and note what worked, what didn’t, and what are new techniques that you can use in 2018.

To drive more traffic to your website, build your online followers, retain current customers and ultimately increase your revenue, a thorough examination of your content strategy is required.

Take the time to do some research on your industry trends, what your target market (or ‘ideal customer profile’) engages with online, and tailor your content strategy around this information. Cisco estimates that visual content will account for 82 percent of all internet consumer traffic by 2021. With this in mind, it is important to focus your 2018 strategy around visuals. Videos and live streaming content is the fastest growing online trend and if used properly can be very powerful to achieving your marketing goals.

Here are 3 tips to help you build the perfect strategy in 2018.

1. Mobile First

The focus in the past has always been to create websites that are mobile friendly; ones that shift in size and layout so it can be viewed perfectly on any device. Your website is your most powerful sales tool online, so a proper functioning website should be part of your 2018 strategy. Instead of designing a website for a desktop and then optimizing it for any device (mobile or tablet), consider doing the opposite. Build a website with the mobile user in mind, and then adapt it for desktop viewing and functionality; after all, this report estimates that 80% of all internet usage in 2018 will be mobile. Every generation is becoming more and more attached to technology, and many people base their purchasing decision around whether a company has a good website, high social following etc.. Many people won’t recommend or even consider a business with a website that is not appealing and poorly functioning on a mobile device.

2. Creativity

Gone are the days where you can simply post any random thing you want on social media. It’s time to start getting creative! With the influx of online advertising and the multiple daily posts by so many people and businesses, it is imperative to make your content stand out from all the clutter. Visuals are clearly the easiest way to attract people, so get creative with what you post. Give your audience a look ‘behind the scenes’ of your business and give them personalized content that connects and engages with them on a personal and emotional level. It is time to focus on original content (not just reposting and sharing) that’s personalized to your audience. My advice: build live video into your 2018 marketing strategy!

3. Email is not going away

Never underestimate the power of an effective email campaign! If you are struggling to see results from the emails you are sending to your database (open and click through rates), DON’T give up and solely rely on social media. Look at different ways you can grow your collection of emails, through in-store take-away’s, online sign up forms, contests and much more (once again… it’s time to get creative here!). Understand the value of collecting information from a potential customer… its huge! Get into a routine in 2018 of sending a weekly or bi-weekly email to your database. This doesn’t mean you have to send every email to every person… think about sending more targeted emails. Sort your database into different categories (based on their interests and where/how they signed-up for your email list). By understanding the specific products and/or services a subscriber on your email list is interested in, you can then send them content you know will interest them and keep them in your database. Leverage the information you have on your customers.

Make 2018 a big year for your content marketing strategy. Focus on building a plan that appeals to your target market and show your audience creative content that you know they are interested in. Tell your story, leverage the powerful digital tools that are at your finger tips and 2018 will be your best revenue year yet.

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