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  • Joshua Zaporzan

How Corporate Clothing Benefits Your Brand Identity

The purpose of building a brand is to create a distinct and lasting impression of your company. Effective branding creates a unique, persistent visual identity that people associate with quality, personality and legitimacy. If you assess the purpose of most branding strategies, it’s evident how effective corporate clothing is in creating a strong, inviting brand identity to both clients and employees.

From an internal perspective, corporate clothing can have an impact on your workforce which can flow into the branding objectives of your organization. Providing team uniforms for employees will lift morale and pride amongst staff which ultimately leads to strengthening the company brand they belong to. The most significant advantage of corporate clothing is it helps to build a distinct culture among employees. Beyond making it easier for employees to choose an outfit in the morning, corporate clothing fosters identification with the company’s values and mission.

When your workforce is professionally dressed in corporate clothing, a certain level of pride amongst employees is achieved and they will have a higher tendency to spread branding material amongst friends and family in both a physical and virtual setting. Employees begin to do this and become more proud of the organization they work for as it feeds into their own personal identity.

From an external perspective, corporate clothing offers an economical and highly effective branding method. Companies that use corporate clothing have a significantly higher positive perception among customers and clients. These attitudes translate into increased customer loyalty and higher sales. People associate branded items with higher quality. Corporate clothing allows that perception to take place, which raises the apparent quality of your brand.

Corporate clothing is a reflection on your business’ premium image. Quality and professional looking corporate attire will allow your business to standout amongst the mass of status quo corporate wear to not only gain a step up on your competitors but also gain a competitive advantage when it comes to brand identity.

If you are looking for a corporate clothing solution, Longball Athletics provides products you can offer to your employees and/or clients that comes unmatched in the apparel industry. Longball offers a customization program which allows businesses to request premium apparel with custom colours to match brand logos, unique blocking and sublimation patterns as well as unique fabrics. Longball carries a premium design service that will leave a lasting impression on not only your brand identity but most importantly your employees and clients.

For a smaller solution, Longball’s in-stock and ready-to-ship corporate apparel provides that flexibility without jeopardizing quality. Whether you are looking for day-to-day shirts, event attire or clothing to give to your clients, Longball has you covered.

To learn more about Longball’s corporate clothing solutions, contact the team at

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