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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

Audax Ventures

Strategy is our difference. Working with Asteria Global means that your business will have an experienced entrepreneurial team guiding your plan to develop, market, and scale, while shaping culture, business growth, and leadership that the rapidly changing business environment requires.

Expectations on an entrepreneur are demanding. It can be challenging to meet both the day-to-day expectations of stakeholders, customers, and employees while also focussing on growth, the pulse of the competitive landscape, and the organization’s vision.

Through our diverse, creative, unique experiences and resources, we connect entrepreneurs and leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Audax Ventures

At FundEze, our vision is to build the world's best capital raising platform, creating the most efficient and effective platform to find and close investment deals. The goal at FundEze is to provide entrepreneurs, business owners and investors with the most innovative tools to close deals, access the capital they need to start, scale and succeed.


Say goodbye to the endless pursuits of investors and countless cold emails. Discover investors, finalize your investment round, and effortlessly manage updates in one platform. Secure the capital you need with speed and efficiency to fuel your business growth.

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