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Investment & Raising Capital

We understand that as part of your entrepreneurial journey, you will need access to capital. Audax Ventures is committed to supporting the financial needs of your company. Through our well established network of Venture Capitalists, Investors and Lending Solutions, we will work with you to connect you with the right opportunity to raise the capital you need to succeed. 

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We work with entrepreneurs in the technology space to raise the capital they need to launch, grow and exit. Depending on your business, different types of funding might be best. Our team at Audax will work with you to determine what form of capital is best for you to raise such as equity investments, loans or grants. Once we help you define what you need, we will work with you to source and raise that capital.

To successfully raise capital, it is important to ensure you have a sound pitch deck and that your company has built the foundational pieces that investors expect. Our other service offerings at Audax can help prepare you for raising capital to help ensure you are set for success. 

How Does This Work?

Our team of experts will work with you to help identify and connect with the investors that would be the best fit for your company. We charge a small up-front fee and a % of the total investment raised, only once the investment funds are secured. 

To get started, connect with us for an initial discovery call and we can answer all of your questions and get started working with you.

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