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Our Partners

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Asteria Global

Strategy is our difference. Working with Asteria Global means that your business will have an experienced entrepreneurial team guiding your plan to develop, market, and scale, while shaping culture, business growth, and leadership that the rapidly changing business environment requires.

Expectations on an entrepreneur are demanding. It can be challenging to meet both the day-to-day expectations of stakeholders, customers, and employees while also focussing on growth, the pulse of the competitive landscape, and the organization’s vision.

Through our diverse, creative, unique experiences and resources, we connect entrepreneurs and leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Triact Digital

We work with entrepreneurs and organizations to help formulate, execute and evaluate their digital strategies and the technology tools they need to succeed. Whether you are a start-up planning to build your MVP, or an already established company needing to enhance or add to your digital infrastructure, Triact can support all "acts" of your business life cycle and support your technology needs.

There are endless possibilities. Triact is here to help you stay relevant, sustainable and empower you to grow your company through smart, cutting-edge technology.

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Coming Soon!

More exciting partners will be announced soon! Stay tuned.

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